Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More on Earnie Porta

I should have mentioned it earlier, but the Potomac News finally got around to running a story on the Title VII lawsuit against Earnie Porta. It appeared one week after allegations were first brought to the attention of the paper by Prince William County Republican Committee Vice Chairman Michael Wooten.

Porta offered the same non-denial denials offered in the blogosphere, apparently hoping that no one would notice that he changes the subject from a claim for hostile work environment and retaliation (upon which the plaintiff prevailed) and sexual harassment (which was not even brought or pursued).

Today, another story appears today, about Republican Delegates asking Porta to drop out of the race. Unfortunately, with typical Pot. News accuracy, it makes reference to a "sexual harassment lawsuit," and includes a photo of Democrats in a "spontaneous" protest at McQuigg's office, calling for more socialism. Whether they were union thugs brought in from Maryland was not reported. And little Ricky Coplen, County Democrat Chair, apparently doesn't know the difference between "character assassination" and "character identification."

I wouldn't expect Porta to drop out. Heck, when he gets his clock cleaned in November, I expect him to announce for the Democrat nomination for President!

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