Sunday, June 15, 2008


I was just cruising the Internet, and came across the biography of the Democrat Party's nominee for Virginia's Sixth Congressional District: Sam Rasoul.

It seems that Mr. Rasoul's biography makes reference to having visited "Palestine."

Interesting, but Mr. Rasoul doesn't appear to be old enough to have visited "Palestine," which hasn't existed since 1948. It's "Israel," Mr. Rasoul. Indeed, he has been identified as the youngest candidate for Congress in this year's cycle.

The reference itself speaks volumes about Rasoul's radical politics. And while ambivalence over Israel is about what I've come to expect from the modern Democrat Party, one wonders why those who have trashed clearly loyal Americans practicing Islam on the flimsiest of "evidence," using guilt-by-association tactics, haven't turned their attention to the actual statements of Mr. Rasoul, and their implications.


kestrel9000 said...

What do I care about the opinion of someone who thinks it's cute and funny to use a McCarthyite political slur like, "Democrat Party"?

Belle Rose said...

We must be reading different stuff.

James Young said...

I'll allow you the privilege, "kestrel9000," that you don't allow me: you can comment here without registering.

As for your comment, well, by the same token, "kestrel9000," what do I care about the opinion of someone to cowardly to sign his/her name? What do I care about the opinion of a moonbat who declares the President of the United States a "war criminal"? Then there's the little problem of your premise (like Rik Hertzberg is any kind of legitimate authority!) that it's a "McCarthyite political slur." On the contrary, it's a considered reference to the practices of a political party which long ago ceased being "democratic."

Oh, and then there's the BIG problem that you've avoided the issue.

"Belle," apparently you're not reading at all. I would suggest you click on the link, and word-search "Palestine." It's a great tip-off. Like using the phrase "white power" and meaning it.

Jeremy Beales said...

Wow indeed, that you could make such a big deal out of this. His family is Palestinian he was most likely visiting the Palestinian territories, where his family is from. That he refers to that as "going to Palestine" isn't surprising or inappropriate. How would you refer to going to territories under the control of the Palestinian government?

Lloyd said...

Kinda like saying that you are going to New York means that you deny the existence of the United States? Or, for perhaps an even closer analogy, to say that you are going to Darfur means that you deny the existence of Sudan?

The only piece of Sam's politics that is radical is the fervor with which he wants to make this country better.

And if you get to drop two letters from the name of the Democratic Party to be cute, I suggest dropping two letters from their opposition -- the Publican Party.

James Young said...

It always impresses me when radicals, recognizing the bankruptcy and electoral unpopularity of their message, attempt to camouflage their radical beliefs.

Nice try, "lloyd," but there's no part of the world which is properly known as "Palestine." It is a myth perpetuated by radical Islamicists.

And "lloyd," read my comment above. It's not "to be cute." It is, in part, to underscore the fraud which is the modern Democrat Party.

SWAC Girl said...

Thanks for posting, James.

Passing said...

So, wait... who decided that this child of a half hearted Palestinian with a bat shit crazy father should run against a very much entrenched Republican? Oh wait... ya'lls did! Great job rolling over.