Monday, June 16, 2008

A Business Owner Who Dares To Determine His Own Business

Oh, foresooth!

From today's WaPo, via, we learn of the proprietor of a new business who actually dares to make his own determination as to what services he will provide to the public.

At least one denizen of the moonbatosphere is all in a lather because Mark Semler has decided what products he will offer in his drugstore. And because he won't offer abortifacients, condoms, and birth-control pills, the moonbat in question suggests shopping elsewhere.

I guess the irony of suggesting that a consumer exercise his right to choose against a proprietor who has also exercised his right to choose is lost on the author.

In other news in today's Washington Post, the Ruby Tuesday and Papa John's in the same shopping center will be offering neither a sushi bar nor McDonald's products at their locations.

How dare they!

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