Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lowell's List Of Lies

Well, one of the children at Ranting Kids, ... er, Raising Dough, ... er, "Raising Kaine, ... er, "RK," ... er, whatever, is at it again. That is, repeating the lies of the moonbat far Left. Since whomever is running that site has decided that dissent is not to be tolerated and banned me from posting (having pointed out a few uncomfortable truths), I guess I'll just have to respond here. Here are Lowell's lies, with rebuttal:

*Politicizing science --- No specifics, but I presume he refers to those who don't buy into the myth of human-caused global warming. Or is that just "climate change," in light in the slight changes in recent weather patterns giving the United States --- save for the mid-Atlantic --- one of the most severe winters in recent memory? No apology owed.

*Running his super-secret, "Kenny Boy" and ExxonMobil-dominated energy task force --- "Super-secret"? Worst-kept "secret" in Washington. And who does Lowell think should be involved with an "energy task force"? Luddite environmentalist wackos? No apology owed.

*Iraq, including the case for war citing an alleged relationship between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, etc. --- Propagating again perhaps the single greatest lie of the far Left, and coupling it with misrepresentation of the main reasons cited as the casus belli. Lowell apparently doesn't understand the purpose of "pre-emption," which is, of course, to prevent the development of a smaller problem into a larger one, i.e., the potential coupling of Iraq's WMDs with radical Islamicist terrorist organizations. No apology owed.

*Abu Ghraib --- What? Cheney was personally in this prison and engaged in the misdeeds? Of course not. The criminals were prosecuted, by this Administration. Bold words from a man who didn't even hold Clinton responsible for his personal misdeeds. No apology owed.

*Extraordinary rendition, secret prisons in Eastern Europe --- And? No apology owed. Were it that Lowell had a history of problems with the "secret prisons in Eastern Europe" run by the late Communist regimes governing them, or the current ones in China. No apology owed.

*Waterboarding and other torture --- What "other torture"? And, of course, the premise is incorrect. Creating apprehension of grievous bodily harm is not "torture." Of course, lest we not forget, these are the same types of people who think the "health" of a pregnant woman is put at risk by any pregnancy, because the poor dears might suffer some offense to their mental health by carrying the child to term (as any parent knows, this is an exception big enough to drive a truck through). No apology owed.

*Gitmo --- And? What would Lowell do with illegal enemy combatants? Free them? The fruits of such foolishness were recently seen in southern Iraq, where a former Gitmo detainee became a suicide bomber. No apology owed.

*Enormous budget deficits --- Yes. These are all Cheney's personal fault. Congress and the socialist welfare state enacted by Democrat Presidents and a Congress dominated by Democrats for forty years had nothing to do with it. No apology owed.

*Continued addiction on Saudi oil --- Sure. It was Dick Cheney who prevented drilling off the coast of the United States and in ANWR. Such a criticism is silly, too, when one considers the criticism over the "super-secret energy task force." No apology owed.

*Outing covert CIA agent Valerie Plame --- Multiple lies in just a few words. Plame wasn't a covert agent when "outed," and hadn't been for the period covered by the relevant statute. The special prosecutor investigating the matter couldn't even prosecute anyone for doing so, and knew it quite early. And it was Richard Armitage who "outed" Valerie Plame's long-past activities, apparently inadvertently. No apology owed.

*War profiteering and sleazy no-bid contracts, including his former company Halliburton --- Again, maddeningly nonspecific, save for the reference to Halliburton, whose history of "sleazy no-big contracts" goes back to --- you guessed it! --- the Clinton Administration. No apology owed.

*Shooting a friend of his and then trying to cover it up --- A hunting accident? First, I believe that Cheney did apologize to his friend. Second, the notion that there was some kind of "cover ... up" is among the rankest lies I have ever seen on Ranting Kids, ... er, Raising Dough, ... er, "Raising Kaine, ... er, "RK," ... er, whatever. It became public knowledge more quickly than, say, Teddy Kennedy's involvement in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick. No apology owed.

*Claiming he "does not have to comply with an executive order on safeguarding classified information because his office is part of the Legislature." --- Uh, Lowell, the VP has a dual role, both executive and legislative. Might want to brush up on your Constitution. No apology owed.

*Gross negligence leading up to Hurricane Katrina and also in its aftermath --- As compared to whom? The New Orleans Mayor who left 250 school buses to be inundated? A governor of Louisiana who couldn't find her a** with both hands? The local board in charge of New Orleans levees which failed in its duties. Plenty of blame to go around, but it's Cheney who owes an apology? No apology owed.

*Snidely dismissing energy conservation as "a sign of personal virtue" --- Well, maybe he should apologize for this. "Personal virtue"? Or "moral exhibitionism"? No apology owed.

*Authoring unconstitutional and outrageous "signing statements" which "declare the president's intent to disregard provisions of bills he has signed into law that he proclaims are unconstitutional." --- You mean, like Democrat President Andrew Jackson's declarations of unconstitutionality? And when has Cheney ever "authored" any of these? Another fantasy. However, I would agree that the better course is to simply veto bills like McCain-Feingold. No apology owed.

*Engineering "the National Security Agency's warrantless domestic surveillance program targeting American citizens on American soil in contravention of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978." --- A bald-faced lie. The NSA has not and does not "target[] American citizens." However, when American citizens receive international calls from suspect foreign nationals, it's another matter entirely, and rightly so. No apology owed.

Perhaps Cheney's West Virginia joke was in poor taste. Most humor is. But the notion that the Vice President owes an apology to anyone for even those activities in the above list for which he is responsible is just an example of the extremism of the moonbats setting the agenda for the modern Democrat Party. Apology implies responsibility. And for most of Lowell's complaints, even those which identify real --- as opposed to imagined --- wrongs, Vice President Cheney is not responsible, or not even remotely and partially responsible.


Anonymous said...

I know I'm picking nits, but this is a pet peeve of mine.

I pretty much agree with your whole post with one exception. I don't think you were forceful enough regarding point 13:

the VP has a dual role, both executive and legislative. Might want to brush up on your Constitution. No apology owed.

Actually, according to my copy of the Constitution, the Vice President is not a member of the Executive branch at all.

Article II, Section 1: "The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America."

The only places the Vice President is mentioned in Article II is in reference to the method of election and in the statement of succession...but the clause which delegates the executive Powers clearly excludes the Vice President.

The Vice President is, however, included in the Legislative Branch and has limited legislative powers:

Article I, Section 1: "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives."

Section 3: "The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no Vote, unless they be equally divided."

The Senate is one of the two houses of the Legislative branch and the Vice President is the President of the Senate.

Clearly, the founders placed the Vice President squarely in the Legislative Branch and NOT in the Executive. The Vice President only becomes Executive upon his succession to the Presidency, at which time he is no longer the Vice President and, therefore, relinquishes his role in the Legislative branch upon assuming the role of the Executive.

I believe it is a misunderstanding of the original intent that leads people to erroneously place the VP in the Executive branch, even in a limited role. He has no role in the Executive per the Constitution except for succession.

James Young said...

Interesting point, Curt. I think the confusion arises from theory (the Constitution) vs. long-standing practice. Of course, the latter must yield to the former as a matter of law.

Thanks for the comment.