Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Announcement: The Guilty Liberal Fund

Caught a caller to the Chris Plante Show on WMAL on the way to work today.

"Theresa" describes herself as a black single woman who makes over $120,000 per year, and supports the Dalai Bama ... er, Barack Hussein Obama (since I saw another blogger referring to "John Sidney McCain" the other day, with no complaints from his fellows in the moonbatosphere, I'm pretty sure I don't want to hear any more complaints about referring to middle names). Plante queried her for the reasons for her support, and she rendered the usual talking points about "health care for all Americans." Interestingly, she conceded what few close to the Dalai Bama will: that Obama will raise taxes.

That really doesn't bother "Theresa," since she's willing to pay more.

What Plante failed to ask her was "How much extra did you send in to the Federal government last year? The year before that? How about 2005?" Better yet, Plante might have asked her how much her tax refunds were for those years.

Plante also failed to ask "Theresa" for how many people --- other than herself and her family --- was she paying for health insurance.

You see, nothing in the world prevents people from sending in more to the Federal government. And "Theresa" is certainly free to purchase health insurance for whomever she wants.

And until someone advocating those positions favors us with that information --- and the answer is substantial --- I'm really not interested in hearing how "willing" he or she is to pay more taxes, or how he or she believes that "we" should be providing health insurance to "everyone," which by the way includes those who can "afford" it but are young, and/or healthy, and/or have decided to self-insure.

Of course, what "Theresa" means by "we" is that the Federal government should seize money from the productive at the point of a gun, and redistribute it to others. What she means --- assuming that she hasn't purchased health insurance for some unfortunate outside of her immediate family --- is that she doesn't take personal responsibility for her beliefs and put them into action.

Perhaps what we need to do to put the tax advocates to their proofs is to create the "Guilty Liberal" fund, so that Liberals who find themselves paying too little in taxes can assuage their guilt by sending in more than required by law.

Maybe then they'll leave the rest of us alone.

Of course, it's been tried in Virginia --- since 2002 --- and precisely five people have contributed to it.

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