Saturday, June 21, 2008

Does This Justify An "I Told You So"?

A few months back, I was criticized on a certain blog for joining the challenge to the credentialing of a certain individual at the 2008 Prince William County Republican Convention. I took the not unreasonable position that his attacks upon a prior Republican nominee violated his pledge of "intent to support all Republican nominees for public office in the ensuing election" when he had previously been elected as a Member of the Prince William County Republican Committee, and that any pledge made as a condition of participation and/or future membership was ab initio suspect.

Well, now he has this to say about the presumptive Republican nominee for President.

Now, I'm not thrilled with John McCain. But I believe we will at least have a country after four years of a McCain presidency. Four years of an Obama presidency [shudder] are likely to subject this nation to a wave of terrorist attacks to which the best response we might see is a chorus of "Kumbayah" and the raising of a white flag over the White House. Give Democrats control of Congress as well, and it is likely that the economy will be in a shambles from which it will take generations --- if ever --- to recover.

But I will vote for him in November, even if I will have little time during the heart of the campaign season to offer much more than rhetorical support, if that.

As he (quoting another favorably) notes in his most recent post: "The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior...."

Tell me again why the individual in question can and should be trusted to fulfill his pledge of "intent to support all Republican nominees for public office in the ensuing election"?


Mom said...

I do hope you have cached a copy of that post and will bring it with you should he wish to be seated in future. Though I disagree with some of McCain's (and others who sought the nomination) opinions, those philosophical differences are not what are doing in the GOP, the intemperate, uninformed and often illogical rantings of children like Greg, are doing far more damage. Someone really needs to take the mike away from those who will not be happy with any candidate but themselves, delusions of grandeur illusory self-importance have unfortunately become the trademark of many party "activists" (see: Letiecq and Tribbett).

Mom said...
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Citizen Tom said...

Well, it was predicable Greg would do this.

I wonder how many of the folks on the Republican Committee actually read his blog.

James Young said...

Just a note: the second comment was a repeat of the first. No substantive comment was deleted.