Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tell Me Again Why We Need More Taxes?

Senator (and future Attorney General) Ken Cuccinelli gets it right again!

In Richmond for Governor Timmy's! special tax-increase ... er, "transportation" session of the General Assembly, Senator Cuccinelli has apparently noted that while Virginians of all stripes are having to reprioritize their budgets to account for increased costs for transportation, only Democrats in the government of the Commonwealth are refusing to acknowledge reality by reshuffling budget priorities to spend more for transportation, and less (well, not really less, but smaller increases) for other areas of the budget.

I invite my few readers to play the Democrats' game. Rather than reordering your families' spending priorities, I suggest that you go into your bosses' offices, and demand a raise to account for the higher costs of gasoline for your commute.

When he or she finishes laughing you out of his or her office, call your state legislators and demand that they respond similarly to Governor Timmy's! tax-increase proposals.

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