Sunday, October 08, 2006

So Far Gone It Makes Me Optimistic

Never mind that she's too stupid to know the difference between a cannon (a weapon) and a canon (a set of ideas): Howling Latina demonstrates that she's really too ignorant to be taken seriously about ... well, much of anything. Too ignorant to understand the link between socialism and communism; too ignorant to understand that Mao and Lenin flow inexorably from Marx and Engels. Just, well, too ignorant.

It's pathetic, but juxtaposes with a refreshing honesty from Greg Bouchillon.

UPDATE: Poor Howling Latina doesn't like criticism. 'Course, when you misspell something once, it's a mistake. When you do it twice, it's ignorance.

Perhaps she should change her name to "Howling Idiot."


Anonymous said...

Um, it's "mispell," not "misspell."


James Young said...

No, Coward 9:53. It's "misspell."

Right back at ya.