Tuesday, October 03, 2006

At Least He Recognizes The Irony

Greg has some comments about blogosphere trashings of Susan Allen.

I can't say I disagree with him --- I've known the Allens for years, and believe that George is wise to recognize her as his greatest political asset --- but this line pretty much sums up Greg's credibility to speak to the issue:
When I have to step up and clean up the trash in the blogosphere, something is seriously wrong.
Sanctimony is always unattractive. Particularly when it's unsupported --- or, indeed, is contradicted (particularly funny on a blog started pseudonymously was the complaint about someone "who lacked the courage to confront me") --- by a record.


Melissa said...

Mr. Young: Like I stated at the end of my post, in my own misguided way, I honestly, genuinely believe that Mrs. Allen, while a great political asset for Senator Allen and who seems like a very nice woman, would have made a bigger impact, especially with a lot of women in Northern Virginia, if she had made even a simple comment at the end, or if she had her own ad/wrote on her website (I suddenly realize the cost, hence the website addendum!). She's in a unique position to say, 'Listen, this man is my husband, I will stand by him and I will tell every single one of you in no vauge terms that he is not a racist, he regrets any wrongs he did in his past and he is the best, most honest and most honorable person to represent the state of Virginia in the Senate." Except more eloquently.

James Young said...

Well, Melissa, the comment you suggest that Mrs. Allen make proceeds, at least in part, from a faulty premise, i.e., that he committed "any wrongs ... in his past." Truth be told, I didn't read your post in detail. My own post was in the nature of noting the irony, not in particularly trashing any of the comments made about Susan Allen.

Melissa said...

Very true, sir, very true. I don't know if Senator Allen committed "any wrongs" in his past, and so I shouldn't have stated it that way. I stand corrected.