Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another Fraud Against The Marriage Amendment

The continuing fraudulent campaign against the Marshall-Newman Marriage Amendment is sickening. Now another --- you guessed it! --- Democrat Delegate has come out against it.

The root of the argument against the Marriage Amendment is the notion that we could suffer unintended consequences because activist judges may apply it contrary to its intent.

In short, the far Left fears that judges will treat this provision in the same way that far Left judges have treated other statutory and constitutional provisions for the last 80-100 years.

While the irony is delicious, perhaps this fear will force the far Left into respect for and utilization of the democratic processes that they have chosen to ignore during that period. After all, to insure that these Chicken Little predictions don't come to pass, leftists will have to support the kind of judges who won't read their own values into statutory/constitutional provisions, and won't re-write the law to suit their own preferences. In short, judges who are unlike those championed by the far Left.

And once again, the far Left demonstrates their utter hypocrisy. "Judicial activism is OK, so long as it's our activists," the far Left is telling us. The possibility of conservative judicial activism is a reason to ignore the democratic will.


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