Friday, October 13, 2006

Another Homosexual Scandal?

So reports Jim Webb's nutroots contingent. That alone suggests taking it with a grain of salt.

Maybe if the dominant GOP would actually attack perversion, and live up to the far Left's stereotype, we wouldn't have to face reports of them practicing their perversion on children.

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Charles said...

Kolbe went on a camping trip with a couple of pages.

Oddly though, I thought democrats wanted to make the Boy scouts allow homosexuals be scout masters and take troops of boys on camping trips.

Oh, 5 staff members came along on the camping trip. All 5 staff members, along with 2 pages, said nothing happened.

The OTHER page, who apparently is a bit homophobic, was "very uncomfortable" with how Kolbe, a gay republican congressman who is retiring this year, "rubbed shoulders" and otherwise touched one of the other pages, who had no problem with it.

When I said I would be uncomfortable watching the movie brokeback mountain, I was called a bigot. Now it's a scandal for a gay guy to be seen with a page in public.

And I thought the democrats were the party that embraced gays. Except apparently gay republican congressman, can't let anybody embrace THEM.

Odd isn't it that, while we condemn homosexuality, the republican party actually seems to be MORE tolerant of gay people than democrats?