Friday, October 06, 2006

Asinine WaPo Comment of the Day

From Eugene Robinson's caricature-fest, "GOP Bigotry That Backfired":
The Republican Party has gone to such lengths to demonize homosexuality that it must pain the leadership to reveal that such a thing as a gay Republican congressman could even exist.
Does the Washington Post even require its writers to have taken a history course? It's not "the Republican Party" that has "demonize[d] homosexuality"; it's 5000 years of civilized society that has condemned it. Of course, that millenia of human experience condemns homosexuality stands as a rather strong counterpoint to the radical homosexual agenda is a fact that tends to militate against adoption of that agenda.

And never mind that the open secret that was Congressman Mark Foley's perversion never seems to have harmed his standing among his GOP peers until he there was evidence that he apparently started preying on underage Pages.

Another fine example of a far Lefty trying to have it both ways. And that the radical homosexual agenda isn't about tolerance; it's about legislating acceptance and validation. And while intolerance might be categorized as "bigotry," refusing to validate homosexual behavior assuredly is not.


Anonymous said...

James Young protests just a little too loudly: I think you're in the closet James. Why don't you come out? Being a closeted homosexual must be a terrible strain.

Let go, homo.

James Young said...

You cowardly fags are just amazing. You insult those who oppose your agenda as closeted fags. Interesting. Even your insults lack intellectual consistency.

Let's see. If you're right about that, then those you belittle (and it is belittling) have modified their behavior. And if that's the case, then I guess being a homo IS a choice, once that those you condemn (both as closeted homos, and in argument) are correct, and partisans for the radical homosexual agenda are simply trying to legitimize their perverse CHOICES.