Monday, November 24, 2008

Leading Moonbat Blog Closing: Good Riddance To Bad Garbage

Having spent years making politics in Virginia more corrosive, it seems that the boys and girls at Ranting Kids... er, Raising Dough... er, Raising Kaine... er, "RK" ... er, whatever, are shortly shutting down.

It's none too soon. Sure, they have lots of readers, probably because childishness sells, particularly among the denizens of the far Left.

One has but to witness their recent complaints. It seems that one contributor is in high dudgeon over Virgil Goode's demand --- to which he is statutorily entitled --- of a recount in his narrow loss to lightweight Tom Perriello. One commenter, clearly engaged in an exercise in projection (having apparently forgotten Democrat whines about George Bush's victory in 2000), offered this observation:
An established pattern of Republican elites and their sense of entitlement is, to put it simply: "Any so-called victory by Democrats is not legitimate; it is our right and duty to contest it." And, every time they do demand a recount or go to court (sometimes all the way to the Supreme Court) it does indeed in some measure de-legitimize the Democratic victory, making it seem somewhat less victorious, somewhat less likely to be repeated, while enhancing (in Republican minds at least) the stature of the Republican point of view.

Have we heard enough yet that Democrats won the White House only because of: 1) the unfortunate blip in the economy, 2) Bush's incompetence, and 3) failure of the current Republican leadership to adhere strictly to Republican principles, i.e., they were not conservative enough, because, after all: the United States is basically a center right nation. Therefore, Obama does not have a mandate and he must work in bipartisan fashion with the Republicans (on their terms, not his). All this applies at every level of government---- most especially in these pesky Congressional Districts such as Goode-Perriello. Obviously.
Wow. Now, I suppose that Goode's chances for success are somewhere between slim and none (only one commenter evidences any modicum of sanity; the children over there don't allow me to comment, after all). After all, my recollection is that Virginians can take pride in the integrity and accuracy of their electoral processes, a situation demonstrated in 2005, when Attorney General "Landslide Bob" McDonnell won his race by fewer than a thousand votes, and the recount resulted in a shift of fewer than fifty votes in his favor over Democrat State Senator Creigh Deeds.

And what were the boys and girls at Ranting Kids... er, Raising Dough... er, Raising Kaine... er, "RK" ... er, whatever, saying then?

Well, chief moonbats Lowell Feld and Josh Chernila offered a virtual cornucopia of rationalizations and complaints about the process. Lowell offered the observation that "it appears that 'the fix is in,' with the 'recount' rules written in such a way that there's almost no possibility of Deeds winning." Hmmm. Wasn't Virginia's State Board of Elections controlled by Democrats in 2005? Contributor Nichole openly urged Deeds to request a recount. Josh bucked up the Democrat nominee with "Keep fighting Creigh, we're behind you!" (emphasis added).

I have no doubt that the Virginia Moonbatosphere is in mourning over the impending shutdown of this widely-read blog. But the boys and girls at Ranting Kids... er, Raising Dough... er, Raising Kaine... er, "RK" ... er, whatever, are little loss to rationale discourse and debate. Or even to those who expect just a little bit of consistency, other than consistently applying situational ethics to their "analysis."

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Alter of Freedom said...

I found it very telling that at a time when they have seen themselves contribute, through some mighty un-Virginian means I might add, to success of the Democrats here in Virginia they have determined its time to close up shop. Its like selling a bill goods with no warranty or moeny back guarantee. Simply put, thats what RK has done.

Everything the told the blogging community about Kaine has been wrong. The idea of a 3 billion dollar shortfall after eight years of Democrat control of the Exec Mansion always seems to go unnoticed and yet it is always the environmentalists at RK that bring up the Wise power plant that Kaine as allowed and yet they constantly criticize the GOP for being anti-earth.
I woill not miss them much given I was refused commenting as well, and as a Virginian I have a real problem with people who do not respect others views in the debate, but in the end after a few years I have learned that RK was merely a front for shilling for campaigns like this years Obama, Leslie Byrne and such and nothing more.
I always thought it was Democrats who endorsed open societies and yet always found it interesting how in order to be able to be involved in the RK progressive community admission is onoly granted if you think like them, believe like them and drink (as in the koolaid) like them. Nice "community"- there are a few history like that I think---they did not last either.