Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Take On The Results

As a Conservative who believes that people should vote on ideas, I am delighted that the results of this election demonstrate that there are not so many racists voting as one might suspect.

As a Conservative who believes that people should vote on ideas, I am appalled that the results of this election demonstrate that there are many more stupid people voting than one might hope.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Something like 92% of blacks voted for the black guy.

I'll bet you that 92% of them wouldn't be able to articulate one single policy position of the Obamassiah other than "hope" and "change" or one single accomplishment of his career other than being nominated for President.

And you don't think racism is alive and well?


Doug said...


You mention the black vote for Obama like it's some kind of surprise.

Seriously, don't you have the slightest idea why a black person might vote for Obama because of his race ? Is history irrelevant ?

If your answers are yes, then I'm guess you feel the same about the Catholics who voted for Jack Kennedy because he was Catholic, or the Mormons who voted for Mitt Romney because he was Mormon.

James Young said...

Didn't say that, "sailorcurt." However, I did think about it, too, and the simple fact is that virtually ANY Democrat would have received a huge percentage of the "black" vote, because so few have managed to escape from the Liberal plantation. Would it have been as high as 92% without The One on the Ticket? I don't know; most of my friends who are Black voted for McCain/Palin. But even if you accept the fact that most of the Obamassiah's vote from Blacks was racially motivated, a much smaller percentage of the White vote against him was racially motivated.

James Young said...

While I wouldn't presume to speak for "sailorcurt," Doug, I think the response is that voting on the basis of one's (or The One's) racial heritage is never, EVER justified, whether it be for, or against.

Anonymous said...

For the record, yes I feel EXACTLY the same way about Catholics voting for Catholics for no other reason, or Mormons voting for Mormons for no other reason.

However, as I was reflecting upon this response, I came to the realization that I'm flat out wrong.

The percentage of Blacks voting for Obama was probably slightly higher than the Democrat ticket may have otherwise gotten as a result of the race aspect, but probably not much.

James was right about that. His comment brought me to the thought that should someone like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Ken Hamblin, et al. run, Blacks would denounce them as an "Uncle Tom" and would fail to vote for them in droves.

Although I stand by the assessment that racism is alive and well in the Black community, I hereby withdraw my contention that this election is evidence of it.

My Bad.

James Young said...

Fair 'nuff. It's rare enough that anything in the blogosphere causes thought. If I've stumbled unwittingly into doing so, it's been a good day.

Anonymous said...

I like to think that I'm always thinking...or something... may not be easy to change my mind, but it is changeable...if the reasons are sound and the arguments solid.

One of the most useful things that furthering my education has taught me is how little I actually know.

Anyone who thinks they've got all the answers is playing a fool's game.

Mom said...

"The results of this election demonstrate that there are many more stupid people voting than one might hope."

While I can't argue the validity of that premise, I suspect it reflects only the liberal's 50%n share of the stupdity.

There is that other 50% that the GOP, RNC and RPV (most particularly the RPV) ultimately owns.

Much as I concur with your position regarding the need, practicality and protections conventions afford the party when contrasted to primaries, I am increasingly of the belief that until we get rid of some entrenched deadwood and self-absorbed johnny-come-latelys, in the short term primaries might actually result in more electable, notice I did not say better, candidates. That having been said, I would suggest that recent convention history has given us neither, see: Gilmore, James.

I know you don't approve of intraparty sniping but its time to reconstruct the apparatus and eliminate the influences of some of the entrenched deadwood,the dangerous stupidy of "Chuckles" Frederick and insurgents exemplified by "He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken".