Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I used to consider Waldo Jaquith one of the more tolerable members of Virginia's Liberal blogosphere. His blog aggregator is indispensable, and unlike many on the Left, who bar comments from Conservatives, he does not fear debate, even if he has a rather childish doorway to post a comment (one has to type "democratic").

Now, I'm not so sure. He declares in a recent comment that "Communism is downright cute."

Perhaps I'm just old-fashioned (well, of course I am), but I have a real problem with anybody who characterizes an ideology responsible for the death of as many of one hundred million souls and the enslavement of more than a billion others as "cute."

Whether it bespeaks ignorance or fundamental evil ... well, I just don't know.

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Citizen Tom said...

James - I cannot figure out Waldo either. I can only attribute his attitude towards communism to a poor civics education. Too many do not understand the relationship between their civil rights and their property rights. Without both, we have neither one nor the other.

Look at what is happening to our country. We have creeping socialism, and we voted in people, a Congress and a president, who favor this trend. If our countrymen had any idea what they were about, would they do this? Would we have gone as far down this path as we already have?