Sunday, November 02, 2008

Once Again, Penn State Gets Screwed

Apparently, barely beating the nation's No. 1 team entitles one to leapfrog the idle No. 2 team. Texas Tech, previously No. 7, beat No. 1 Texas, and was awarded the No. 2 spot previously held by Alabama. Penn State, which was idle this weekend, remained at No. 3, while Alabama was awarded the top spot.

Once again, the most respected coach in college sports, and perhaps in all sports --- Joe Paterno --- is denied the respect he deserves.


Joseph said...

As a Penn State alum, I'm used to the Nittany Lions getting screwed.
It happens all the time. This whole system is complete nonsense.

The media hates Paterno. They don't like the fact that he doesn't care much for them and gereration after gereration of reporters stick it to him every chance they get.

I almost stopped watching college football after we were screwed in
'94. If PSU finishes undefeated and is left out of the title game, I will not watch another college football game until they institute a playoff.

Alter of Freedom said...

Yeah- Paterno is alot like the GOP in that respect in terms of the media.

Hokie Guru said...

Penn State and the Big 10, unfortunately, is a weak conference and it does not help the the Big 10 got their ass handed to it in the last two BCS national championship games. I

n short, Penn State is suffering for the overall incompetence of a Big 10 with two good teams that generally suck in big games. You watch... this year, Penn State will lose to USC. Also, Ohio State will lose to Texas. People will wish that Boise State was in the Fiesta Bowl because they'd actually give Texas a game.

Trust me... it's going to be the same way next year for the Big 10and maybe worse...

Silver lining: Penn State stole Kevin Newsome, 757 QB, from my Hokies.

James Young said...

Well, Guru, that sounded a lot better BEFORE Penn State lost to Iowa. ;-)

Nevertheless, don't underestimate JoePa in the Rose Bowl. I have two good friends who were roommates at USC, and are attorneys in SoCal. They'll both be rooting for USC, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Nittany Lions take it.