Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Texas Mid-Decade Redistricting Upheld

Per Drudge, the Supremes have upheld the parts of a Texas redistricting plan engineered by former House Majority Leader Tom Delay that are most important to Republican partisans.

This was, of course, the last significant challenge remaining to this plan. To remind the reader, Democrats cried "foul" when turned the tables on them after winning a state legislative majority, and rewriting congressional district boundaries to benefit Republicans. You know: what Democrats have done for decades. 'Cept, in this instance, the Dem boundaries drawn after the 2000 decennial census resulted in a lopsided Democrat majority in the Texas congressional delegation, even thought Republicans were winning a fairly significant majority of all congressional votes cast. Democrats used drastic tactics to prevent a vote; one much publicized effort involved leaving the state to deny a quorum.

Of course, this was one of the bases for the Democrat hate campaign against Tom Delay.

This is good news for Republicans, and decreases significantly the chance that Dems will be able to win a majority of House seats in November.