Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chairman Sean Receives Presidential Appointment

As reported elsewhere (by Ben Tribbett, and teased by Jim Reilly), PWC BOCS Chairman Sean Connaughton may have been/may be nominated today by President Bush to be the United States Maritime Administrator. It is a post subject to Senate confirmation.

Of course, that Chairman Sean was being considered for the job is perhaps the worst-kept secret in Prince William County. I heard of it at least weeks --- perhaps months --- ago, but was sworn to secrecy (I was told that, if it got out, the nomination could be scuttled), a pledge that I NEVER break absent compelling reasons. And frustrating Chairman Sean's ambitions for what some would doubtless mischaracterize as personal reasons is not a "compelling reason."

While this is doubtless a disappointment to those who failed to see the humor in my suggestion that he be appointed as Transportation Secretary, this is mixed news for PWC taxpayers. On one hand, they will have the opportunity to elect someone other than an entrenched faux fiscal conservative unwilling to challenge the tax-and-spend bureaucracy, and claims to have "lowered taxes" --- actually, merely lowering property tax rates --- while relying upon skyrocketing home values to result in a net increase of the average household's bill by 50-60% or more.

On the other hand, perhaps Chairman Sean recognizes that the housing bubble is becoming flaccid, and that budgets in his remaining term might have to actually raise tax rates or --- Horrors! --- trim spending. Given his pathological inability to do the latter, and his disingenuous history of doing the former while denying doing so (a disease particularly prevalent among his Repubmocrat apologists), there is little doubt as to which option he would choose. Taxpayers may therefore face a double hit: lower property values; and higher tax rates to continue the spending spree.

Of course, the Connaughtonites who credit Chairman Sean for everything, including this morning's sunrise (bad example; I haven't seen the sun for days), will doubtless blame any Republican elected to replace him for a flattening housing market, even though the inflation in housing values was obviously not sustainable.

In any case, congratulations, Chairman Sean!

Now, what about that GOP primary to replace him....