Friday, June 23, 2006

Britney Spears Watch

I wish I could be this funny. The boys' sitter must've thought I've gone 'round the bend with my laughter as I read it. I really wish....

It is also best not to wear a denim miniskirt so short that when seated it practically disappears beneath the protuberance of one's pregnant belly, producing an image that is more gynecological than fashionable. Instead of making a statement about the sexiness of impending motherhood, it suggests that the mother-to-be appears to be unfamiliar with the usefulness of a full-length mirror and the term "ho-gear."

Pregnancy cleavage can be a beautiful development, but serving up one's bosom like melons at a picnic is aggressively self-indulgent, enormously distracting and, unless you're auditioning for a spread in Penthouse, unnecessarily vulgar.

The article goes on in the same vein, with equal hilarity, but to quote more of it might start raising copyright issues.

I saw part of this interview, and when I spotted it, it was like train wreck: I couldn't take my eyes off of it.