Monday, June 05, 2006

I Think Not

Well, it seems that our friend young Vince Harris has started a petition as follows: "Steve Chapman & Fasil Gill are suing Black Velvet Bruce Lee and Greg Letiecq.

"Sign this to urge Chapman to STOP THE LAWSUIT!"

He urges people to sign it. Please note the absence of my name. As I've said below, this should be played out in the courtroom, where one side or the other may well be mightily embarrassed by the outcome. Aside from that, why would these people believe that they would have any influence with Chapman? After all, most have proven themselves so very interested in his well-being.

Among the twelve who have as of this writing are James Martin, Ben Tribbett, Anke W. Cheney, and Virginia Centrist. Three of these four surprise me. I was under the impression that they had (and almost always demonstrate) higher standards than the savaging which provoked the lawsuit. As for the fourth, well, let's just say at least this commentator wouldn't be surprised if she were caught up in this lawsuit. After all, she was part of a Parrish campaign which was, at a minimum, complicit in the felony charges filed against Chapman shortly before the 2005 primary, and later dropped. And the savaging that Chapman suffered at the hands of the prior incarnation of the BVBL website had all the earmarks of a well-organized, well-financed opposition research operation.

One can only hope that neither the campaigns of Jackson Miller or Carroll Weimer had any role in it. If the ultimate GOP nominee did, then he will have handed the Democrat nominee a powerful weapon, and will suffer a grave, if not fatal, self-inflicted wound.

UPDATE: Interesting. The link to Vince's post no longer works, and it seems that he has removed the post.