Friday, June 30, 2006

24 Things Democrats Apparently Believe Should Be Illegal To Burn

Waldo has posted what he believes to be funny: a list of 24 things that Republicans allegedly think it's OK to burn. I suppose that it's caricature, and that there are some pathetic Dems who actually believe some of his assertions. Soooooo, never one to let a good idea go unemulated....
  1. The United Nations flag
  2. "What We Believe" statements of Unitarian Universalists (if you can find them)
  3. Tobacco
  4. Coal
  5. Oil
  6. Ted Bundy, and assorted mass murderers
  7. Crosses, unless they belong to Conservative Christians
  8. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
  9. Hillary's Plan for Socialized Medicine
  10. Photographs of that great Democrat presidential trilogy --- Johnson; Carter; Clinton
  11. Any feminist tome
  12. Any socialist tome
  13. Any communist tome
  14. Supreme Court decisions which ignore the plain language of the Constitution in favor of "penumbras" and "emanations"
  15. The U.N. Charter
  16. Pictures of Karl Marx
  17. Any Executive Order issued by a Democrat President
  18. On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
  19. Roe v. Wade
  20. Richard Nixon's White House tapes
  21. America's chemical weapons stockpile
  22. The "Palestinian" flag
  23. Rainbow flags
  24. Gaza
And as a special added bonus, here's 24 things Democrats think you should burn:
  1. The American flag
  2. The Bible
  3. The Torah
  4. Monica's blue dress
  5. Hillary's billing records
  6. Any food with cholesterol
  7. Teddy Kennedy's bar tab(s)
  8. Any accurate history text
  9. President Bush in effigy
  10. Anything challenging the theory of evolution
  11. Christian flags
  12. Draft cards
  13. Bras
  14. United States Constitution
  15. Declaration of Independence
  16. Marriage laws
  17. Aborted babies
  18. Old people who vote Republican (exception for old people who were irresponsible and have no income other than Social Security; they vote Democrat)
  19. The Contract with America
  20. Ronald Reagan's immortal soul (see Ted Rall)
  21. Deeds (symbol of anachronistic "private property")
  22. The White House (when inhabited by a Republican)
  23. Congress (when controlled by Republicans)
  24. Israel