Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Very Funny

It seems that some over at Too Conservative are all in a tizzy over the candidacy of Tom Kopko for County Chairman. This alone commends Tom for consideration.

Then there are those wits who --- doubtless sarcastically, and conscientiously anonymously --- are suggesting that I should be a candidate. While I've no doubt that I could do a better job than the present Chairman, I don't know how Tom would do. Anyway, here's the little exchange:

Anonymous said...

I plan to write-in "James Young" for PW Party Chair. Given his past history of gain and glory for Republican causes, candidates, and organizations, I know he will be able to unite the local party and lead us to bigger and better things.

Mr. Young, will you serve if we elect you?

2:23 PM

nasuna said...

I'd vote for Jim Young over Kopko or Murphy!

9:36 PM

Anonymous said...

Me too!

As an extra benefit if Young gets elected, I bet the Potomac News will run reprints of his old articles and new ones as well -- whoopie!

8:11 AM

omom said...

I'm pretty good friends with the publisher of the Potomac News. What do you think of the idea of me asking him to give Jim a column, let's say just monthly to start, if he agrees to serve as committee chair?

8:19 AM

Anonymous said...

Only if he agrees to call us "piss boys" -- I get such a rush when I read that!

9:38 AM

James Young said...

Given the tenor of some or all of these commenters, and unless they're of the "Only Nixon can go to China" school, I doubt that they're serious (they remain safely anonymous/pseudonymous, after all). I don't doubt that I could do a better job than Murphy. At least I could run a meeting, and wouldn't move backwards by neglecting to schedule major events (the Labor Day picnic comes to mind).

About Kopko, I don't know. I tend to discount the comments about him here, since most are anonymous/pseudonymous. My recollection is that he came in with the historically-challenged crowd, but appears to have quickly become disillusioned with it (a point in his favor). However, I'll probably support him.

However, the last time I was stupid enough to be persuaded to run for a public office --- County political party chairmanships have standing as such, carrying with them certain public duties --- was when I ran for School Board, and between the people who owed me who betrayed me (and conservative principles) and those who childishly continue to lord over me the fact that I lost, it's just not worth the trouble.

9:59 AM

Anonymous said...

Run, Jim, Run!

10:39 AM


MOM said...

Is it just me or is that administered and principally responded to by self-agrandizing juveniles both in terms of age, objectivity and social graces.

James Young said...

I would endorse your comment as to "principally responded to." Frankly, most of those administering it --- certainly Jim Riley --- are less juvenile than those posting.

MR JMS said...

I think most of us posting at TC are old, married, and have kids.

Perhaps if we let our children post the content would be better. Thought I doubt you'd like to read the musings of a five year old and his recent cathecism lesson at school.

MOM said...

I don't know about that, my six-year old brought home a number of word jumbles for homework. Word number sixteen was


Want to guess what most of his classmates answer was? Not classic prose, but amusing nonetheless.

James Young said...

Well, mr jms, don't say I never said anything nice about you!

nasuna said...

MR JMS- Does your son go to Catholic School? Have you been happy with it? We're looking at that option for our kids next year so we're looking for input.

MR JMS said...


Yes. And they are vastly ahead of the public school system for his young age. We're hoping we can continue to afford the program as we have more children.

Maybe if we get some school choice!