Sunday, January 15, 2006

Prince William Dems Elect New Officers

It seems that our friends over at the Prince William Democrat Committee have reorganized themselves for the coming two years. Here are there new officers:
  • Chairman, Vic Bras
  • 1st Congressional District Vice-Chair, Martha Nickerson
  • 10th Congressional District Vice-Chair, Cindy Kennedy
  • 11th Congressional District Vice-Chair, Ernestine Jenkins
  • Treasurer, William Westhoff
  • Corresponding Secretary, Pete Frisbee
  • Recording Secretary, Ellen Miles
It appears that they met on 11 January at the McCoart Building to elect these officers.

The Prince William County Republican Party holds a County Convention every two years, and has had to hold its meeting in high school auditoria every time to accommodate those participating. Every individual seeking election on those seven occasions (when PWC split from the consolidated County/Manassas Committee in 1991) has been elected.

Remind me again: which party is "inclusive," and the "party of the people"?


James E. Martin said...

Mr. Young, I am interested in why you think gay marriage/civil unions are a bad thing, and why you need a constitutional change to protect you against them? I go to a catholic school so i have never heard an intelligent argument against gay marriage.

Ben Kyber said...

I suppose you mean the "Prince William Democratic Committee" when you say "Prince William Democrat Committee."

You can take shots at the informal "Democrat Party" as much as you want (though its a childish snub and the lowest form of politics in my estimation), but at least as a journalist, consider getting the name of a formal organization right.

James Young said...

Well, nova democat, I was planning a more lengthy post on the topic, so you'll just have to wait a bit. But I already reject your belittling nonsense about "need[ing] a constitutional change to protect [me] against them." I don't need (nor get) protection from the government for much of anything (save external enemies). However, I compliment your Catholic school's apparently successful efforts in teaching you to avoid the argument by belittling your opponent.

As for you, Ben, I find your comments about being "a childish snub and the lowest form of politics in my estimation" bold talk for someone who only four days ago called Delegate Robert G. Marshall "Sideshow Bob."

Ben Kyber said...

A good point.

A very good point.

But he sure is a sideshow, isn't he?

James Young said...

And BTW, Ben, I've never made pretensions to being a journalist of any kind, even when I had space once a week in the Pot. News. I am an opinion columnist. I strive for accuracy, to be sure, but I'm no journalist.

Virginia Centrist said...

Is that the Prince Edward Committee?