Sunday, January 22, 2006

Interesting Post About Issues Close to Home

I caught this article in today's Post, too, and was going to comment on it, but Below the Beltway beat me to it.

As I've said to Chris Casey, on his website, as a matter of law, the HOA's have the better of this constitutional argument, since every member of a homeowners' association knowingly and intelligently waives his right to post political signs when he buys his property.

That having been said, if Montclair changes the regulations, I'd be among the first to post political signs on my property come election season.


marty nohe said...

When I lived in Montclair and was running for Soil and Water Conservation Director, I unapologetically put my own sign in my yard, and a few of my neighbors did too (including my then girlfriend, now wife, who lived seven doors down from me). No one said anything to any of us about it, but I always assumed that it was because the candidate (me) was a Montclair resident.

Jack Rollison lived just around the corner from me and he would put up his own sign, but only in the waning days of the campaign.

I asked Maureen Caddigan and she said that she never put her own sign in her yard, in accordance with the rules.

casey said...

I think you've got me mixed up with another Chris?

I'm Chris Casey, and I'm the one behind the Free Montclair site.

Chris Peace is the newly elected Delegate in the 97th District.

James Young said...

Sorry, Chris. Brain fart.