Monday, November 28, 2005

Another Triumphant Return!

Ya gotta love Dan Snyder! Any man who can become the most hated owner in an NFL in which Jerry Jones owns a team has got some talent.

Once again, a coach that Snyder hired, then fired --- Marty Schottenheimer --- came back to Washington and did something he couldn't do consistently while the coach of the Redskins: win a football game!

I vividly remember the last game I attended while Schottenheimer was coaching the Reskins. It was the first game played after the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. A friend called me up with an extra ticket, and I sat on the lower level, at about the 35-yard-line, next to a retired Sergeant Major who is about a foot taller than I am. Fans were calling it the "Toilet Bowl," since two teams without victories were meeting. As I recall, it was the Redskins who emerged with their perfect[ly awful] record intact.


Willis said...

You should read my post on the Redskins. Sucks being a fan these days.

James Young said...

Thanks for reading!

The thing is, I can't even say that I'm a fan. I go to the games, because I love football and the social occasion, but I grew up a Steelers fan (and they're always falling just short these days), but I've never been a big fan like some of my friends. On balance, though, I'd like to see them win. My sons (born here) bleed burgundy and gold.