Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thanks, Mark, but No Thanks

Perhaps the most asinine comment last night (though I am sure there are many candidates) came from the Boyish Governor himself who, justifiably flush with a personal victory (does anybody believe that Tim Kaine could have won without Mark Warner's support, even against Jerry Kilgore?) commented that Democrats should make sure that every vote for Dem AG candidate Creigh Deeds is "fairly counted."

God knows what this means, but I suspect that it's the Boyish Governor's appeal to the Kool-Aid drinking Far Left, that idiotic contingent who still believes that Al Gore really won in 2000.

No thanks, Marky. We don't need that kind of crap in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Glad to see you go in 2006.


Ben Kyber said...

I suppose miscounting ballots by accident is ABOVE America, Jim. Come on, there is nothing wrong with making sure everything was fairly done in an election that close.

James Young said...

Uh, Ben, if you expect me to believe that this isn't an appeal to the far Left and their fantasies about Florida, then you probably expect me to invest in some great property along the White River in Arkansas, as well.

Ben Kyber said...

Of course it's an appeal to the Democrats and their "fantasies" about Florida. He has to keep mor The election isn't over though. There are still 45 localities that haven't counted absentee and overall Creigh leads in those localites. You can find details on Blue in VA.
This could go either way, Jim. We won't know for a while.