Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Virginia Treasure Leaves the Blogosphere

As you might gather as a regular reader here, I don't have much use for most Democrats these days. As a rule, today, they're shrill, mean-spirited, dishonest, hypocritical, and generally unpleasant. About BO, I do not, and do not want to, know.

One exception is Barnie Day, a former General Assembly member from Stuart and columnist for the Roanoke Times and Augusta Free Press.

Well, Jim Bacon reports over at Bacon's Rebellion that Barnie is hanging it up for other projects. Whether it is voluntary or not is unclear; if not, at least his editors had the decency to allow him to say goodbye to his readers. The hacks at the Potomac News could learn a thing or two from them, but they're cowards.

Barnie is one of that ever rarer breed these days: a Democrat who could disagree without being disagreeable, without foaming at the mouth, and with a considerable degree of honesty. Only met him once (we obviously don't go to many of the same meetings) at the Blog Summit in August.

He will be missed.

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