Friday, November 18, 2005

Additions to the Blogroll

A few additions to my blogroll, in the interests of keeping up to date, and in the hope of reciprocity.

First, there's Virginia Centrist, in a triumphant return. And no, this is not mere payback for his recent reference to a post here. VC only accepts cash.

Then there's Alice Marshall, who recently called for imposition of the death penalty for Virginia's senior Senator, Foghorn Leghorn... er, John Warner. And no, not because he voted against Robert Bork and worked against Ollie North. One read of Alice's comments, and you'll be yelling "Stop the Insanity!!!!"

I've also added (belatedly) Ben Tribbett's site, aka Not Larry Sabato, which badly needs a new name.

This is what I read fairly regularly, and maybe that explains a lot.


Not Larry Sabato said...

I'm a liberal blog?

Alice said...

I have not called for the execution of anyone for any crime. I have called for the resignation of Bush, Cheney, and their entire cabinet.

James Young said...

Ben, "Liberal and/or Democrat."

Only in Virginia is that phrase not repetitive and redundant.

Virginia Centrist said...

Actually, I accept cash and Brady Bunch memorabilia

James Young said...

Cute. So someone actually read that. Do pleadings count?