Thursday, November 17, 2005

It's About Time

When I was growing up, I remember watching a wonderful television movie starring George Peppard, in his pre-"A-Team" days. It was about the Sam Shepard murder case from the late 50s or early 60s, about a Cleveland doctor accused, convicted, and ultimately acquitted of murdering his wife and two children. It was one of F. Lee Bailey's first high-profile cases.

The movie, which was fairly sympathetic to Shepard, had a wonderful moment where the verdict of acquittal was announced and Peppard, as Shepard, having spent years in prison for the crime, slams his hand down on the defense table --- one slam for each word --- shouting "It's about time!"

I've had much the same response in the past few days, as the Administration is finally responding to far Left and far Left congressional critics who are accusing the President of lying about pre-war intelligence regarding Iraq. For example, Vice President Cheney yesterday attacked those critics as dishonest and reprehensible opportunists.

Finally, the lunatics of the far-Left blogosphere have started to influence more lunatics in Congress. But dismal Harry Reid, Democrat Senate Leader, had perhaps the most pathetic comment in response: he said that Cheney was “playing politics like he’s in the middle of a presidential campaign,” and "urge[d] the members of the Bush administration to stop trying to resurrect their political standing by lashing out at their critics.”

As opposed to whom, Harry? Democrats "playing politics like their in the middle of a presidential campaign"? Or Democrats "trying to resurrect their political standing by" trashing the President?

The truth is always the best cure for lies. And Democrats have been pursuing the strategy of the Big Lie since the beginning regarding George W. Bush, starting with Florida in 2000, and continuing throughout, save for that short interval after the terrorist attacks of 2001.

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criticallythinking said...

The left has been flushed out. Now the Senate democrats are almost all on record endorsing a specific timetable of withdrawal of troops (which was defeated).

And in the house, Cong. Murtha (D-PA), known as the hawk of the party, waved the white flag of surrender to the enemy on national TV, calling for us to pull out the troops and abandon our allies -- apparently because he believes that the war is impossible to win.

He seems to think however that, with us gone, the Iraqi army will be able to defeat the terrorists that we are unable to fight.

If I were Dennis Hastert, I would schedule an immediate vote on a resolution to withdraw the troops immediately, to see how many other democrats have turned "french" on us.

Then, when the measure is defeated, I would call on Murtha to resign from the house, for the good of the country.