Monday, November 02, 2009

Silliest Ad Of The Campaign Season

And the award goes to ... Steve Shannon, Democrat nominee for Attorney General, for a television ad I've already seen at least twice on tonight (no link available; Shannon may have been too embarrassed to put it up on his website).

Republican Ken Cuccinelli has a "personal political agenda"?!?! Oh, foresooth! Say it ain't so!

Then identify one politician who doesn't have a "personal political agenda."

The ad goes on to criticize Cuccinelli because he won't enforce laws with which he disagrees.

Really? You mean, like the "gun-show loophole" that Shannon goes on to criticize? For those who haven't figured it out, that's apparently a law with which Shannon disagrees. And, oh, by the way, a law which protects individual rights.

Shannon doesn't know what the AG office does --- he's been running a campaign to suggest that his experience as a low-level prosecutor has anything to do with the job --- and now he can't even be consistent in his own ads.

Shannon should not only not be elected Attorney General. He should be sent back to law school, or perhaps college, to take a few courses in basic logic.

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Anonymous said...

Paula Miller's been running a ridiculous attempted hit piece on John Amiral over the past few days that is almost funny it's so sad.

The big dirt on Amiral?

He's only been a resident of Virginia for a short time, he's never paid any property taxes in Virginia, and he's changed his name.

That's it.

We're supposed to believe that he wouldn't be able to represent us because, until recently, he was an active duty Naval Officer and maintained his legal residence in the state he lived in when he joined the military...just like I did and most other military vets do, because he's never owned a home here and because he decided to "Americanize" his name...just like many other immigrants have done over the years.

If that's the extent of the "dirt" they could dig up on him, I'd say he sounds like a pretty good candidate to me.