Friday, November 20, 2009

The Fraud Of Global Warming

The evidence is in, and this is truly incontrovertible.


Doug said...

If you though the emails were bad, well the data files are even worse. Seems like they didnt have a clue about what they were doing except to pretend the globe was warming

James Young said...

Well, there's the old German trope, from the Eighties, that seems to have been forgotten today: "The Green tree has Red roots." It's NEVER been about the climate; it's ALWAYS been about POWER (not the electric kind) and CONTROL.

And yet ... some will still deny it.

Just as it's no mere coincidence that those who love big government hate private ownership of guns, it's no mere coincidence that those who love big government are "global warming's" strongest "adherents."

Kurt said...

U.S. EPA released a long-sequestered document on global warming October 13, 2009 showing the George W. Bush administration had concluded in December 2007 that greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles were endangering public welfare and needed to be regulated under the Clean Air Act. "This draft finding demonstrates that in 2007 the science was as clear as it is today," EPA spokeswoman Adora Andy said. "The conclusions reached then by EPA scientists should have been made public and should have been considered."

Kurt D