Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Profiles In Perfidy

Imagine, if you will, an hagiographic front-page Washington Post article on a Democrat who, when attacked by the mainstream of his party, which supports a Marxist in the race for public office, drops out of the race and endorses a Republican.

Yeah. My imagination isn't that good, either. More likely, such an individual would be vilified as a traitor.

Nevertheless, today's WaPo has a below-the-fold, front-page article (continued to page A16) celebrating Dede Scozzafava, a so-called "moderate" who dropped out of the race for Congress in New York's 23d District, and endorsed a Democrat.

Let the far-Left lionization being!

Of course, only a fool would call a big-spending, abortion-supporting, ACORN-endorsed, union-label candidate a "moderate."

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