Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hampden-Sydney Now Master Of Its Own Destiny...

... for the 2009 ODAC football championship.

Well, almost. Current standings have the Tigers standing alone at the top of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference, with only a single conference game to play. With Randolph-Macon College's 20-13 loss today to 1-6 Guilford (the Tigers were idle), R-MC has two conference games remaining, with the first at 6-2 Bridgewater next week. H-SC also has two games remaining, with a non-conference game against Salisbury next week.

H-SC and R-MC meet in Ashland for The Game on 14 November

This could play out a number of ways. If the Yellowjackets lose next week, it's game over, and The Game only matters for bragging rights. Even if R-MC were to beat the Tigers, H-SC will have only a single conference loss, and having already beaten Bridgewater in Week 5 of the season 19-0, will win any tie-breaker --- even if Bridgewater prevails over Catholic in the final week of its season --- over anyone within reach of the ODAC championship.

On the other hand, if 5-3 R-MC prevails over 6-2 Bridgewater, the The Game will, for all intents and purposes, be the ODAC championship game.

Sooo, I find myself rooting for Bridgewater next week, and bwana and I will be of one mind.

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