Sunday, October 18, 2009

Imagine The Hue And Cry...

if this had happened at a co-educational institution? Or at an institution which was not historically Black? Say Wabash College? Or the finest remaining all-male institution, Hampden-Sydney College?

Of course, the Morehouse College administration is exactly right. They are to be applauded.


MCS said...

Did you attend HSC?

I wouldn't be so quick to heap praise on that school, and I especially wouldn't call it better than Wabash.

The drug culture there is huge (the DEA raided it in 2007), and the fraternities literally behave like the evil Omegas from Animal House. Take it from this former HSC student, Hampden-Syndey is not a place to venerate. Hampden-Syndey may put on a big show about "honor", but its all show (just like there phony founding date - it wasn't 1776).

MCS said...

OK, so I cursory Google search shows you did indeed go to HSC.

Likely the school was different decades ago, but I can assure you it's no place I would send my kid (college in general is a racket, but that's a different matter).

Hampden-Syndey is now populated by kids who, frankly, bought their way into college. Like I said, the drug culture is huge. The DEA was absolutely justified in their raid - pounds of cocaine and marijuana on a campus of 1000 students is not normal. Most students behave as if the world owes them something and they should be guaranteed 75K jobs directly out of graduation. The attitude towards women is horrible - I remember a young female PhD, speaking during orientation, enduring cat calls and whistles. The students are unbelievably cliquish for such a small school, and prone to petty, jealous rivalries (fights on weekend nights were routine).

To be sure, there were some students at HSC who lived up Hampden-Syndey's creed. But I can assure you they are quickly being replaced by bratty C students from boarding school. Pity.

MCS said...

One more thing so I don't end on such a sour note.

Dr. Howard is an absolutely remarkable personality and I am hopeful his tenure will bring about a renaissance for HSC.

James Young said...

I regret that your experience with H-SC left you so embittered. I disagree with many of the things you say (and I think I'm entitled to believe that my alma mater is better than Wabash which is, after all, in Indiana), but can find no good cause to otherwise censor your opinion, and hence, published those comments.

James Young said...

And I'm certainly entitled to a few bon mots. I see that you don't disagree with the serious point being made.

Thanks for commenting. Repeatedly.

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