Friday, August 14, 2009

Yeah, But What Were You Saying A Few Years Ago?

It seems that the Washington Post has published Michael Gerson's comments indicating that he is mightily perturbed at the casual use of the imagery of Nazism, describing it (rightly) as a "lazy shortcut to secure an emotional response." He goes on to condemn it when "Michael Moore compared the USA Patriot Act to 'Mein Kampf,'" and "Al Gore warned of 'digital Brownshirts.'"

Some are mightily impressed that the WaPo has published his commentary, and indeed, there is much that accurate and praiseworthy in it.

Gerson uses nice historical examples of inaccurate and intemperate use of the analogy. He gives credence to his argument when he condemns the tactic when used by the far Left.

When the WaPo does so nearly a decade after their invocation of that imagery by the far Left? Not so much.

The relevant question to the WaPo is "What were you saying when Moore and Gore invoked Nazi imagery against Conservatives?"

My guess is that the WaPo didn't have too much to say at the time, rendering publication of Gerson's present comments like nothing so much as partisanship applying purportedly objective principles in pursuit of a partisan agenda.

It's too bad that Gerson --- a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush --- is allowing himself to be used by the WaPo in pursuit of its unremittingly partisan agenda to discredit those resisting President Barry's push for socialism.

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