Thursday, August 06, 2009

Despicable Double Standards

A few days ago, I had a post about a poster being distributed around Los Angeles. Since then, the far Left has gone virtually apopletic, and the inevitable cries of "racism!" have been heard about the land. The whole contretemps even warranted a truly asinine front-page story by Phillip Kennicott in today's Washington Post Style section.

This poster seems to capture the double standards being applied by those on the far Left. Since I can't seem to make it larger, the poster shows President George W. Bush as a Nazi, giving the upraised arm salute, while reading underneath "Free Speech." President Barry's caricature read "Treason."


Tom said...

You can do apples to apples if you wish. Vanity Fair printed a Bush Joker picture and the left all laughed. I put it on my blog

SWAC Girl said...

Perfect example of the hypocrisy of the left ... thanks for posting. I linked. ~Lynn