Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Robert Novak, RIP

Since we're on vacation, I'm not posting much, but I couldn't let the passing of Robert Novak go by without notation.

Some view it as an opportunity to take one last cheap shot, from a far-Left propagandist who applies that label to Novak in an exercise which is more projection than anything else. One cannot help but wonder whether it's not jealousy, the covetous rantings of one well aware of the fact that his passing probably won't be noticed by ... well, virtually anyone.

Robert Novak made his mark on Washington in a way few journalists could hope to. Agree or disagree, he was a force with which to be reckoned.



ETSpoon said...

D'uh...yeah...Robert Novak told the truth...he was just like Rush Limbaugh...he tought me to think for myself.

James Young said...

This is not my comment; it is from Kurt Doehnert, and I accidentally rejected it (d*** touchpads!):

So Robert Novak has died. I associate myself with the comment of a blogger, who observed that "it's fair to say his suffering, and ours, is lessened today, and for that, all can be thankful."


James Young said...

Kurt, only a fool would compare the two. Robert Novak had no real power over anyone; hence, he had no power to cause any "suffering" beyond his immediate circle, and I seriously doubt that you were a part of that. The quotation you apply is therefore misused.