Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Empty Complaints About Health "Reform" Protestors

It's become quite a mantra with those who are complaining about the protests at various townhall meetings. Even the sometimes sensible have gotten in on the attack on what they call "poisonous rhetoric."

I'm a little confused by their complaints, though. Are they objectively disgusted by the behavior people who refuse to go along with the rest of the Obama-addled sheeple?

Or are they merely angry because people who refuse to go along with the Obamorons are employing the same tactics that they Obamorons and their fellow travelers have used for, well, decades? After all, for most, the outrage is selective, and targeted only at political enemies. No enemies to the far Left, after all.

Once again, as they did for years with criminals, the far Left is confusing they victim with the perpetrator.

What's really sad is the fact that there are those who are not on the far Left who are perfectly willing to lend them aid and comfort.

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