Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Quite An Authority

Back in the day, those of us who hold the so-called "mainstream" media in contempt would refer to our local journal as the "Pot. News." Of course, a little while back, that journal merged with the Manassas Journal-Messenger and became the News & Messenger, and this little bon mot fell into disuse.

Today, a reminder why it still fits: the editorial discussing the upcoming Democrat primaries identifies one of the gubernatorial candidates as "Jim Moran."

Now, I have little use for any Moran brother, but even I know that the one running for the Democrat nomination for Governor is the (relatively) good one, former Delegate Brian Moran.

And this is an editorial board which would presume to recommend candidates with endorsements?

Kinda tells you why you should ignore the so-called "mainstream" media.

UPDATE: Well, now they've corrected it. Without credit, of course.

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