Friday, June 19, 2009

The Strategy

With news that President Barry's health care "reform" proposals are in deep political trouble, the true agenda of the far Left is made more and more apparent.

It is beyond reasonable or serious debate that the current state of American health care is the result of government intrusions on the free market. Medicare socialized half the system --- the elderly consume more than half of all health care, for obvious reasons --- with promises (from, among others, Hubert H. Humphrey) that it would never cost more than $10 billion per year. Wouldn't it be nice if it only cost twice that amount? Medicaid is part of the not-so-Great Society, the War on Poverty. When can we expect the "exit strategy" that Democrats demand for every other "war"? Federal mandates that hospital treat all who appear at emergency rooms --- even those who don't need emergency treatment --- has imposed incredible costs.

So, what does the far Left want now? Well, "single-payer" --- more properly called "socialized medicine" --- is currently a non-starter. So what will happen?

Depend upon President Barry and his minions to advance proposals which will further screw up medical care in America, attempting to provoke a clarion call for completely socializing American medical care.

These people are nothing if not Machiavellian.

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Bismarck said...

You are so right. Step by step, the socialists will find enough foolish GOP moderates to finish the job of destroying the medical profession and the service it provides.