Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Return of Political Ambulance Chasing

Remember Columbine? Two dysfunctional punks kill a bunch of school mates, and the far Left demands gun control. Virginia Tech? A dysfunctional and probably mentally-deranged bozo kills dozens, and the far Left demands gun control? Matthew Shepard? A homosexual is killed, and the far Left demands so-called "hate" crimes legislation.

Now, we have the murder of a practitioner of the vilest form of abortion --- partial-birth abortion --- and before the identity of the suspect is even identified, the far Left is screaming that his motive must have arisen out of the fact that he is a Pro-Life extremist! The Virginia moonbatosphere is already all atwitter (not aTwitter) with the allegation. Newly-minted UVa grad Jamelle (a criminal justice major, perhaps?) already has two posts, here and here, and the Howling [Mad] Latina reveals her insight into the mind of a killer a thousand miles away here.

These guys must be mind-readers, because I've nowhere seen the motive of this guy identified. Now, while the police could hardly be blamed for looking into this motive, had they not already had a suspect (as yet, unidentified) suspect in custody, moonbat bloggers drawing this conclusion in the lack of any evidence are nakedly pursuing a political agenda, perhaps at the cost of the truth. Yet for all they know at this point, this abortionist was shot by the jealous paramour of his homosexual lover, but then I would be doing what they are: making allegations in the absence of any evidence whatsoever.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Pro-Life groups have uniformly condemned the murder.

Isn't interesting that the "blame America first" crowd jumps in to blame a respectable political movement for the violence of an as-yet unidentified suspect, for an as-yet unidentified motive, while disclaiming all responsibility for giving aid and comfort to terrorists who --- guess what? --- blame America for all the world's ills.

Identity of causes is not identity of tactics.

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