Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Lion Passes

A prominent member of the Second Generation of the leaders of the Conservative movement has passed.

Paul M. Weyrich, first head of the Heritage Foundation, and current President and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation, died early this morning at age 66.

Like William F. Buckley, Jr., earlier this year, his voice was resounding to the last.

While I never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Weyrich, his work is much in evidence in Washington. I've spent many hours at the Heritage Foundation, through participation in the Third Generation group, and at other programs, and was interviewed on Tom Jipping's show on Free Congress' cable network (back in 1997, during the Teamsters strike against UPS), which eventually strayed far from its moorings to become [P]MSNBC.

He will be missed.


UPDATE: And at least one moonbat has chimed in with his comments. He's all class.

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