Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thank You For Smoking

On the road yesterday, I had occasion to hear Rush Limbaugh report on the discussion Barack Obama had on Meet the Press about his smoking habits and whether he will indulge (if he hasn't quit), when he moves into the White House. Barry apparently responded that he will follow Federal policy, which bars smoking in government buildings.

While I would encourage anyone to quit smoking cigarettes, if Barry exercises his right to indulge, his response should be to say "To Hell with 'Federal policy'!"

I expect to be highly critical of Barry and his administration. He is, for all practical purposes, a socialist. If he indulges his policy preferences, I expect to oppose him.

Nevertheless, for the next four years, barring anything unforeseen, the White House will be his residence.

And if he chooses to smoke, he is entitled to do as he damn well pleases in his own house.

I certainly won't be criticizing him for doing so.


mikequirk said...

You are as misguided about who "owns" the White House as you are about Barack Obama's socialist tendencies. The White House belongs to the American people, not the chief executive who happens to reside in it during his term. He serves at their pleasure. To think he can do what he wants while in office is, frankly, a thoroughly Bush/Cheney-esque abuse of power. To hell with the constitution? To hell with the rule of law?

James Young said...

Uh, Mike, if you're going to put a word in quotation marks, it should be one that I have used (i.e., it should be a quotation). I nowhere said that Obama "'owns' the White House." So that's wrong. Equally wrong is your implication that Obama doesn't have "socialist tendencies." You may recall that he expressed them in Ohio to Joe the Plumber, and would enact them with nationalized health care. Also, he does not "serve at [the American people's] pleasure"; he is President for a term of years. Given that you're apparently a socialist who doesn't want to admit it, I guess I can understand that you're confusing the United States Constitution with European parliamentary forms of government. Finally, I never said that "he can do what he wants while in office." I said "he is entitled to do as he damn well pleases in his own house."

However, that you would defend the notion that he can't demonstrates that you may well be beyond a Socialist, tending towards totalitarianism.

But thanks for reading and visiting!