Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dingy Harry Does The Right Thing, Vol. I

I had my doubts after Sunday's performance on the talk shows, but it seems that Senate Majority Leader "Dingy" Harry Reid (D-Nev.), has done the right thing, and refused to seat Governor "Hot" Rod Blagojevich's appointee to replace Barry Obama in the United States Senate.

Don't expect to see that headline again in the near future. Perhaps never again.


FoodforThought said...

I disagree. I have laways enjoyed your grasp of the from legal side of things, but until the Governor is removed or impeached he remains the rightful person under the State law of Illinois to appoint the Senator.

His own State Assembly has seen fit not to be able to get its act together and impeach him and frankly the release of said tape transcripts I believe is completely unacceptable. The feds seem content to try it in the media while they build its case, but in the end its still merely a case and as long as Gov. B has not been removed from office nor found guilty of anything he has the obligation to proceed with the duties of his office whther we like it or not.

This isn't the Mayor of Detriot case for Gods sake. Not one thing has been PROVEN yet so why should his selection not be recognized by the Senate, except maybe for the Sec of State of Il endorsement, if this is the new standard, create suspicion to undermine an officials ability to perform duties than I guess Alaska is lucky the same thing did not happen to palin when she was under investigation....we did not stop her from being Governor nor stop her from running as a VP selection did we.
Its time the Feds back off from telling States what its recourse is or is not...let the Courts do that not the legislature or the Senate. be carefule of these Politboro tactics by Reid and the Senate.
The State of Illinois has its Constitution that needs to be respected regardless of what we think of Gov. B. or Democrats in general.

James Young said...

Well, FFT, I appreciate the endorsement. But I believe it's certainly an arguable point. I think the point of Fitzgerald acting prematurely (also arguable) was that he saw the potential disaster of having a Senator appointed, and THEN releasing the materials and having the spectacle of a bought-and-paid-for Member who would possibly have to be expelled.

Thanks for your comment.

FoodforThought said...

But James we are beyond that now are we not. The Feds played their hand and in the end Gov. B was able under State law to select a replacement. Should that selection not be realized solely out of some political power play between Washington and the Il State House.

I am big fan of States Rights and there are many issues pressing I believe should be left to the States and this is certainly one of them.