Thursday, May 29, 2008

What A Republican!

Say what you will about John McCain --- I have, and probably will --- but anyone who would even consider voting for a raging Socialist like Barack Obama can't be seriously considered to have ever been a Republican, or a Conservative.

And he's lecturing us on what's wrong with Washington?!?!?

What's most wrong with Washington is people who seek political power by auctioning their political "principles" to the highest bidder.


CR UVa said...

You're a smart man James. It amazes me how many people are taking McClellan's words with no critical analysis.

And then McClellan thinks Obama is like President Bush? Perhaps I give the White House too much credit. To have ever let a man like this address the press clearly shows a lack of judgment.

James Young said...

I don't know how smart I am. Perhaps a unique gift for the obvious.

Of course there's no critical analysis. McClellan is confirming their own fantasies.

Crystal Clear Conservative said...

Vote Bob Barr for President or a Constitutional Party candidate! At least, you will be doing the right thing by voting for someone who will uphold the Constitution.

James Young said...

Well, Crystal, I worked for Bob Barr when he was U.S. Attorney in Atlanta, interning in his office for a year. Hosted and introduced him in a speech to the Emory Federalist Society when I was its founding President.

And I could not support him for President. He's gone too far off the Conservative and constitutionalist reservation.