Thursday, May 29, 2008

Poor Ed King --- So Bitter; So Irrelevant

Just came across this rather interesting comment, in response to a recent Gary Jacobson column in the Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News":
I think Gary’s thoughts are correct and expressed very well. What a contrast with those columns written by the not-great James Young who could call anyone any dispicable name he desired but was protected by the editor of the “PotNews” from the any criticism by letter writers.The editor MUST publish the critics. A truly free press demands it.
Wow! I'm so flattered. I wrote a little weekly piece for that journal for about seven years, and was unceremoniously canned nearly four years ago --- no notice to me or the readers, just discontinued, with the editor lying about how many complaints she received over it --- and Ed King (a former County Supervisor, prior to 1992) is still fixated on me. I suspect that most people, even in the district he represented, would be hard-pressed to identify his name, and I don't write letters for free to a journal which used to pay me for my work.

Now, I suppose I could ask Ed what he's talking about, since he provides no examples of me "call[ing] anyone any dispicable [sic] name [I] desired," and never mind that Gary Jacobsen's work is notable for the fact that it persuades --- contrary to its intent --- people to vote Republican, but why bother? Democrats rarely let the truth interfere with their childish accusations.

But I can't imagine a more ringing endorsement of my influence as a columnist. Just ask Lt. Governor Sean Connaughton.

BTW, Ed, it's "despicable."

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