Friday, May 16, 2008

Methinks They Doth Protesteth Too Much

With some in the far Left moonbatosphere in high dudgeon over the President's speech yesterday in front of the Israeli Knesset, at least one popular denizen of the left-of-center portion of the Virginia blogosphere has been strangely silent on the subject.

Maybe there's a conscience or two there after all.

Nevertheless, it must be that President Bush has struck a nerve. Apparently, the President was out of line, according to Democrat leaders, as detailed by Doug Mataconis. Interestingly, he didn't associate any names --- or any political party --- with those remarks.

Oh dear.

These are the same people who frequently accuse and/or tolerate accusations that the President is a terrorist and/or a murderer and/or a liar and/or a nasty bastard who's simply trying to enrich his buddies in the oil and gas industry.

One might take them more seriously if they weren't advancing the notion and/or accepting support from the "Bush Lied; People Died" contingent.

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