Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Observations On PWC GOP Committee Meeting

Another observation on last night's first meeting of the newly-reconstituted Prince William County Republican Committee:

Where was everyone?

We heard for months on end from those who breathlessly trashed Tom Kopko for "destroying" the County Committee, or provided a forum for it. But not even Greg Letiecq was there.

Now, to be sure, most did so behind the cowardly cloak of anonymity/pseudonymity, but nevertheless, they managed to follow mindlessly the meme that Kopko was evil, and that his decisions harmed the GOP. Never mind that those who have been around for awhile --- actually participating, not just casting brickbats while GOP candidates enjoyed unprecedented success County-wide --- observed the same cyclical trends which have been virtually unbreakable since the founding of the Committee in 1991. The Internet just provides so many opportunities for smears.

And to be sure, Kopko overpromised when elected. Those who have been around for some time knew it was unrealistic to dream of --- let alone promise --- a "600-member County Republican Committee." Might be nice, but aside from the fact that it would increase the costs and difficulties in finding an adequate venue for County Committee meetings exponentially, experience teaches that it's just not realistic. The GOP is any venue is more that those elected to the leadership position of County Committee Membership, as I have observed elsewhere.

But now, Lyle Beefelt is the Chairman. Nice guy. Have been friends for a long time, notwithstanding some disagreements, and even including a cheap, foolish shot or two from him (yes, Lyle, Julie Lucas is a lightweight, intellectually, from all that I have observed; your list of her "accomplishments" says little about substance, particularly regarding matters to come before the House of Delegates, and your criticisms of her winning opponent seem misplaced from someone who has just been elected to a position from which his primary goal should be to grow the GOP). Trustworthy, honest, and fairly non-confrontational. Even endorsed by those who agree on little else. As Citizen Tom observed, he "tends to occupy the middle ground between the party’s different factions, he still manages to be on speaking terms with everyone. That actually is no mean trick."

So where were all the disgruntled people who had been so alienated by Tom Kopko? Wasn't he the problem, according to some? Wouldn't all those people come rushing back to the GOP Committee once he was out the door (actually, he still sits on the County Committee's Executive Board, by virtue of being immediate past Chairman)?

To be fair, I recognize that one meeting does not a trend make, but last night's rather anemic attendance does not bode well for the Committee resurgence implicit in the arguments of those demonizing Kopko.

Now I suppose, were I of a mind to demonize Lyle (i.e., were I a damn fool), I would blame him for that anemic attendance. I might declare in hushed conspiratorial tones that he is masterminding the destruction of the County GOP, or that he is engaged in some sort of campaign to deliver the Committee to those who wish ill to PWC, Virginia, the United States, and all that is good and pure in life.

But I won't. As noted above, it is merely the same cyclical trends which have been virtually unbreakable since the founding of the Committee in 1991.

Not that those who engaged in it won't find an excuse to blame someone else when their over-promises are revealed as such.

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