Friday, February 29, 2008

I Want My Refund

It seems that the Virginia Supreme Court has today issued a decision throwing out that portion of last year's tax-increase bill ... er, "compromise" which permits an unelected body to soak Northern Virginia taxpayers for more money.

The 23-page unanimous opinion by Justice S. Bernard Goodwyn is online here, in .pdf format. The case was spearheaded by Delegate Bob Marshall (R-Prince William), and reverses the judgment of the Arlington County Circuit Court (the NVTA had brought an action to rubberstamp its authority in a tax-friendly jurisdiction).

I would think the chances for further appeal are virtually nil. The decision is based wholly upon the Court's interpretation of the Virginia Constitution, and that interpretation is considered authoritative. It is highly unlikely that the United States Supreme Court would grant certiorari under these circumstances.

For those blogosphere moonbats who belittle Bob and his constitutionalist leanings, this is quite a vindication. For Bob, that is.

What a great day. Perhaps Governor Timmy! can spend the next few days contemplating how he can refund to the taxpayers of Northern Virginia --- including yours truly --- the funds unconstitutionally extracted from us in the last two months.

And Repubmocrats can contemplate the wages of surrender. They told us last year that compromise was politically expedient, politically necessary. Yet just nine months later, Republicans lost control of the State Senate, and have been on the decline in the House of Delegates. Now, their "solution" --- and let's not buy into the far Left mythos that Democrats had nothing to do with this --- is in the trash.

What was that about the benefits of "compromise"?

Oh, and this should give quite a boost to Bob's senatorial ambitions.


rbw said...

Err, I really do want my refund. I registered a new vehicle in January and want my money back from those theiving rat bastages.

On a similar note, what is Marty to do now that his personal Romper Room has lost its funding?

Citizen Tom said...

Great news! Sometimes the courts get it right.