Sunday, February 03, 2008

Best. Super Bowl. Ever.

Not much more to say about the game. An objectively great contest to be enjoyed by any fan of the game, without regard to whether you like the Patriots or the Giants. Perhaps even better if you don't particularly like either team.

'Cept it was nice to see Peyton Manning in the box, watching his little brother. And not taking some of the attention away from his brother's moment of glory by horning in on the celebration, as Eli Manning was named the game's Most Valuable Player.

What a class act.

What a great night for Archie Manning, seeing his younger son win a Super Bowl, only a year after Peyton's victory and MVP award.



Carl Kilo said...

It was a great game.
Those Mannings are all class acts. That NY defense ruled!
BTW-At the Bolling Blogger Day someone said James Young was there. I looked and looked...asked and asked...only to find out it was a mistaken ID - It was Charles.

James Young said...

Yeah, I had to miss it. I had a trial beginning in Philadelphia on Tuesday. Sorry to have missed it, but it was good to be missed, Carl!

Next year....